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Cxgrid delphi 2010

2 Oct Hi, in my TxcGrids if a user changes a value in a spin edit or other control and then presses TAB to move out of the grid, or clicks the OK button to post the changes, then the changes they have made in the spin edit are lost (the previous value reappears, the same as if ESCAPE was pressed). I've tried using. 3 Mar Is there any property setting in the cxGrid that would prevent the restore from working? - Is there a H or something I should do after the RESTORE? - Is it safe for put the RESTORE call in the OnCreate of the Form? - Does it work the same in IDE Execution and in Running outside Delphi 4 Feb [Delphi]Open in popup window. procedure eate(Sender: TObject ); begin CreaData; eManager:= Gm; cxgrd1DBTv. ure:= cxgrd1Gesture; end;. Gestures do not work in your demo project because in fact TcxGrid is a complex control that is a.

8 Jul Hello, You can see the page to learn our Packs and examine which VCL controls are included in each one and which Pack with ExpressQuantumGrid will meet your requirements. Note , that we dropped support for Delphi 7 and in the latest. 4 Jun EgonHugeist wrote: that's a good choise but i don't know if they will help us. I've uploaded one patch for a missing null-byte reservation but that patch will not solve your problem, i think. Rev. Today tested the version An error has remained EgonHugeist wrote: Do you have the same trouble. cxGrid - Footer summary of checked records. In cxGrid,I have a column that is boolean (properties: checkbox). How can I do a footer summary (SUM) of such a column i.e to sum how many records are checked. Right now, if I set it to SUM, my delphi tcxgrid. asked May 16 '17 at user 1, 2. votes.

9 Aug It will be nice to understand your question better if you can post your code. But offcourse You can get column contents easily by using FieldByName method. Try to use that. Create column on execute time in TcxGrid like tDbGrid in delphi. I solved the problem like this pdate; tems; fillGridView(grdCevapDBTableView2, command); AllItems; ate;.


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