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Beatbox effect

Kicks, Hi-Hats and Cymbals, Snares, Scratches. Whistles, Vocalized Bass, Lip Rolls, Clicks Clops and Pops. Electronic Effects, Squeals and Zippers, Breath Effects, Instruments. Voice Alterations, Miscellaneous Effects, Oscillations, Vocal Synthesizers. Rolls. 25 Oct Pain from Greece performs an awesome laser gun effect that is done by sucking your tongue against the front tip of your teeth while breathing in sharply with the nose. 23 Dec According to new research by a voice expert, beatboxing may actually be gentler on injury-prone vocal cords. Beatboxing, which first became popular in the s, is a type of vocal percussion in which performers imitate drum sounds with the voice, often Long-Term Effects of Untreated Hepatitis C.

27 Sep Nate Ball, an MIT-trained mechanical engineer wants to find out how things work -- even when they're inside his throat.


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