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In the Add Fonts Dialog, navigate to the folder where the extracted fonts are located. Select the fonts and then click OK. The fonts are now installed. MacOS versions of our fonts are also available. The BibleWorks Hebrew Keyboard Map ( BWHEBB). The BibleWorks Greek Keyboard Map (BWGRKL). Note: The a and A shown. Font. Weight: Regular; Version: Version Macromedia Fontographer 6/19/ ; No. of Characters:: ; Encoding Scheme: FontSpecific; Is Fixed Pitch: No. Characters:! " # $ % & ' () * +, -. / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9: ; ? @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ ] ^ _. 12 Oct 3D Fonts; 50s Fonts30; 60s Fonts5; 80s Fonts2; Antiques Fonts34; Art Deco Fonts20; Art Nouveau Fonts1; Asian Fonts; Basic Fonts; Broken Fonts ; Calligraphic Fonts; Capitals Fonts; Cars Fonts25; Cartoon Fonts; Christmas (Xmas) Fonts76; Classic Fonts8; Comic Fonts

"BWHEBB, BWHEBL [Hebrew]; BWGRKL, BWGRKN, and BWGRKI [Greek] Postscript® Type 1 and TrueType™ fonts Copyright © BibleWorks, LLC. All rights reserved. These Biblical Greek and Hebrew fonts are used with permission and are from BibleWorks, software for Biblical exegesis and research. ". 3 Jun The BibleWorks Greek Keyboard Map (BWGRKL). Revised Feb. 2, Note: The vowels “a” and “A” shown with Greek accents are not printed by typing that key but are shown to illustrate accent positions for any Greek vowel (a(e(h(i(o( u(w). ▫ For accents or breathing marks on lower-case vowels (e.g. Bwgrkl Font - Copyright c BibleWorksLLC - Greek, Atene-Normal, Symbol Proportional, Greco, Agilent SymbolOne, Agilent Symbol Two, free and commercial fonts.

21 Mar "Unable to create font bwgrkl point size " This message will occur if BibleWorks is unable to recognize the font file installed under Windows. This condition may arise for a number of reasons, but the result will always be that BibleWorks attempts to access the fonts, for which the information is not fully. These fonts are graciously offered by Bibleworks, makers of Hermeneutica, an electronic Bible research program. Please observe their copyright notice below: > BWHEBB, BWHEBL [Hebrew]; BWGRKL, BWGRKN, and BWGRKI [Greek] Postscript® Type 1 and TrueType™ fonts Copyright © Michael S. Bushell.


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