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This issue may be due to network issues where data loss is occurring and the HTML tags become malformed and treated as plain text. Thus the recipient receives the message with HTML encoding around it. Back to top ↑. Resolution. This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. The issue can occur if the BlackBerry Collaboration Service is configured to connect to the Lotus Sametime Community Server over port instead of port The Lotus Sametime Community Server allows TCP/IP connections on two ports: and Port is designed for server-to-server communication . The BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus SameTime icon is missing from the BlackBerry smartphone Home Screen. Enterprise Messenger is listed in the BlackBerry smartphone application list, and the icon is not hidden or moved to a personal folder on the Home Screen. Back to top ↑.

IBM Sametime provides real time communication through instant messaging, online meetings, audio and video. IBM® Sametime® instant messaging provides social communications for your business environment. It offers a unified user experience for instant messaging, online meetings, voice, video, data and more. Connect to experts and colleagues virtually instantly to get information faster and help meet the demands of your. 5 Jul In one particular case, synchronization with a Blackberry device was a factor. In the Miscellaneous Events of the from the Sametime server, the administrator noted the Blackberry device synching the user's address book multiple times. Once this sync was disabled, the authentication problem was.

BBM, being linked to ID, will only work on one device. No apps will transfer over as BBOS applications are not compatible with BB10 and vice versa. When I talk about apps, I mean the ones that I bought long time ago when I was using my Is it possible if I log in to appworld/bb id and download them. 5 Jun Hi, I have a customer plan to add a into following configuration. Just wonder if it is a support/proper configuration. Anyone can share? - 7 Sep At the present time it seems MuseScore ignores chord "H" and would like to use " B" instead. Though, it common practice when B=A# and H=Cb. So it can be added.


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