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U are a creeper mod

More awesome videos of this mod. This is a mod I'm working on that changes the player into, what else, a creeper. You will be able to fight hostile miners, lead an army of mobs, and, of course, blow yourself up. Problem? Read this. Any posts that don't make it apparent that they read that, and that don't. 1 Sep You Are the Creeper 2 Mod is a total-conversion mod for Minecraft that turns you into Minecraft's most hated mob, the Creeper. I've merged the Friendly Stupid and MiniCreepers together Just start minecraft with the installed mod once then edit the properties file. Default MiniCreeper true StupidCreeper false FriendlyCreeper true Friendly Creeper Creeper explosions don't destroy blocks anymore but the player still get.

Laser Creeper Robot Dino Riders From Space. Last Updated: Apr 6, Game Version: A creature with all the explosive nature of an ordinary creeper combined with the ability to fire blasts from it's built in cybernetic lasers. Other creatures were taken. xXCaptainSoilXx. !nkellz. We hope you enjoy our mod. I am here to notify you that I am using this mod in a private modpack:) Thanks for creating such an interesting mod! .. I'm not sure if this has been fixed or mentioned already on some thread but all normal creepers have what looks like a snow block on their head and no good mod works for me thx 5 of 5 diamonds !:D. in this mod you become a creeper. A creeper is a green thing in mine craft and the inside of it body is made out of tnt thats right tnt. So inthis mod if you push f5 you blow up you can summon other creepers to help out with some damage. Me i think this mod is really cool. well i hope you will enjoy this mod. 0 Comments.

The Elemental Creepers Minecraft Mod adds 16 different creepers. Each new creeper have a complete new appearance and most of them have special defense mechanisms and some type of unique drops. The only thing they've got in common is the fact that they are highly dangerous and take every chance they can to.


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